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dōTERRA Essential Oils provide us with safe, natural alternatives to chemical and pharmaceutical products. I have utilized these oils in my household daily for years – so much so that I don’t remember what it was like not to have this plant medicine at my fingertips. I am passionate about educating people regarding how to utilize these tools to promote healing and wellness.

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A few favorites in my household:


the oil of centering and descent

This is for the people who feel like they’re spread so thin amid priorities, people and activities. As a wife and mom and small business owner, I often feel as if I’m scattered. Vetiver assists me in becoming more rooted. I dilute this oil with a carrier oil (i.e., coconut oil) and rub on my feet or behind my knees before a big presentation.

Additionally, I mix it with epsom salts along with lavender or ylang ylang in a hot bath at the end of a long day. At first the scent felt a bit “obtrusive” to me (hence, why I place it on my feet away from my face); it’s earthy, and I have long loved to live in the clouds, but now, when I receive a hint of the scent, I’m reminded to descend down and center inside my True Self.


the oil of digestion

I began utilizing this oil years ago when I traveled far more frequently than I do now when the airport and everything that goes with it felt too much for me. Extended activation of the nervous system for long periods of time can create stomach distress. Formulated to support the digestive system, this oil also regulates emotions for individuals who tend to take on too much at once.

Overload of stimuli and information may lead to an emotional form of “indigestion,” where we cannot break down life experiences into palatable forms. When overstimulated, I lose my appetite – or, I subsist on espresso and sweets – neglecting my basic needs. DigestZen combines the powerful oils of ginger, peppermint, and other spices to support the body and the spirit in digesting life’s many experiences.


the oil of protection

I love this oil for cleansing the air, especially during cold and flu season. During the holiday season, I combine it with peppermint and siberian fir to create a “smells like Christmas” feel in my home without the headaches from candles and synthetic scents. When anyone in my home shows the first signs of illness, I rub this oil diluted with a carrier oil (i.e., coconut oil) along the spine to aid in immunity and support the body’s natural antioxidant defenses.

Although I wouldn’t suggest it, I’ve been known to place a drop under my tongue (I like intensity – what can I say?). I use it each morning with sesame oil for oil pulling which is much more mild and cleanses the bacteria inside the mouth. DoTerra has an entire line of OnGuard products, so you can also buy them as softgels and in cleaning concentrate; we love the foaming hand soap and it makes washing hands after school oh so fun!


the calming blend

I’ve used this oil so much, it reminds me of home. I diffuse it nightly in my son’s room to promote more restful sleep. When I am out of town and want to feel at home in my sterile hotel room, I rub it on my feet or even the back of my neck to reduce stress. Sometimes I actually diffuse it during the day time as well mixed with either Citrus Bliss or Wild Orange. The combination of the citrus with the lavender and floral scents is the perfect blend of uplifting and relaxing.


the oil of a buoyant heart

If I could buy only three oils, I’d buy peppermint, lemon, and lavender. In fact, that’s how this oil obsession began, so beware. Together and separately, there are a million uses for these oils. The three together support seasonal allergy relief. I place them together in rollerballs with a carrier oil (i.e., coconut oil).

I also diffuse them for a focusing, cleansing, and calming scent which is great on a Monday – or any day – when the to-do list is long and my willpower seems short. Individually, peppermint invigorates, bringing joy and buoyancy to the heart and soul. Known to lift us out of our emotions for a minute, peppermint gives us a short “breather” where we suddenly feel as though we’re gliding through life. Just think about how you feel when you pop a piece of gum in your mouth!


the oil of wellness

Breathe is a remarkable blend of essential oils including Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Lemon, Cardamom, Ravintsara, and Ravensara designed to create feelings of clear, easy breathing. In addition to diffusing this oil, I dilute it and rub on the chest and throat seasonally to combat pollen or mountain cedar. Where I once used to mix elaborate blends of oils myself to support wellness, DoTerra has made it easy for me with this blend, which has everything I need.


and information

Please email me with any questions — it’s a joy for me to be able to share my experience of these healing oils with you.

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