Burnout is real. What our world needs are embodied leaders who have the capacity to respond, rather than (over)react, to stress.

Wellness is a critical, contributing factor in preventing burnout – especially in systems where clients and employees experience high levels of stress, compassion fatigue, or secondary traumatic stress. Focus, productivity, and overall competency suffer.

Compassion fatigue

a condition common among workers who deal directly with victims of trauma or illness

industries which are effected:

  • health care professionals
  • child protection services
  • first responders
  • mental health providers
  • teachers
  • primary caregivers of people who suffer from chronic illness

symptoms of compassion fatigue:

  • a decrease in experiences of pleasure
  • hopelessness
  • constant stress
  • anxiety
  • disturbed sleep
  • negative attitudes

I speak to teams and organizations about trauma and vicarious trauma, offering somatic tools to release and manage stress in order to increase professional self-care and ultimately cultivate a culture of wellness.

Effect of Somatic Experiencing Resiliency-Based Trauma Treatment Training on Quality of Life and Psychological Health as Potential Markers of Resilience in Treating Professionals:


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